Friday, December 3, 2010

Hello ........

Yep, I have slacked off in my blogging attempt!! I have no excuses. So, please forgive and we will call it good. :)
I had a bunch of blogging thoughts and now that I am at the computer I can honestly say I'm at a complete blank. To say nothing has happened in the last O....what.... few months would be a understatement. Even if we were just doing the normal stuff. But, since when are we normal?
So, as of recent our new adventure as a family (if you can call it that) is doing chores in the morning before school. So,.... EVERYONE up and at it !! First day went really well. All day I was so excited to have all chores done (except my MEGA list). Day 2, . . . . well, I sort of slept in. ~sigh~ I will work on that. Day 3 . . . .yep, I slept in again. You would think after years of being up while everyone is in the middle of their dreams that mornings wouldn't be so hard. Well, apparently if you stay up late you still need sleep. I am more of a night owl than I thought. (So is husband and 5 year old so I blame them. Why is 5 year old still up late at night you ask???? Well, because he is the baby rules our home.)
So, now it is the weekend and I have plans to start next week of right. We WILL be getting up to get our "junk" done before school. It will be GREAT !!
p.s. I love spell check !! You should have seen all the yellow. But, I'm glad you didnt!! :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Well, it's been a while...........

Many things going on with school being out. But, let me just give you a little insight to my baby (Yea, the one that is almost 5)

So, He comes in my room the other day with a very serious "Mom, Mom". I was prepared for a declaration of something he was wanting, A request of sorts. So, I responded with a simple "yes". Again expecting him to ask for something. Well, he did ask for "something" , just not quite what I had expected. So, here is the play by play (more-a-less)

Jordan: "Mom, Mom" very serious expression
Mom: "yes" with a slight 'what do you want' attitude
Jordan: "Can I take my shirt off outside" again, very serious
Mom: "why?" I'm a bit intrigued
Jordan: "So I can look at my muscles" with a duh look~ like I should know.
Mom: "Uh, um, okay" A bit shocked at the strange request.

He was very excited about this. This small exchange of conversation reminds me of how I am so NOT a boy and they think of the strangest things to do. Hmmm

Friday, April 2, 2010

All in a days work !

Some days are just busier than others.
Yesterday =VERY BUSY !!!

3am - 11:30am work
11:30-12:30 work on paper route
12:30-1 pick up Jordan from parents
1pm- 3:00 finish paper route stop at store
3:00-4:00 go home get kids situated
4:00-5:30 go to Austin soccer game
5:30-6:15 take Kassidy sweatshirt pick-up pizza Kassidy called go pick her up take Austin Kassidy home
6:15-7:45 go to Dallin's school play
7:45 Home at last but, helping Austin finish typing report
8:45 kids to bed
9:30 kids finally staying in bed
9:30 sit on couch (finally) watch Survivor with Brian while he rubbed my feet :)

Today I dont work & have NO desire to do ANYTHING !! there is plenty to be done can wait !

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


What brings happiness??? Well many things to tell you the truth! But, what can bring a smile to my face over and over? Well, it all started Monday while as a family we were playing Phase 10. This game was the first time we gave Brooklyn her own cards. Tried as she did to understand the game and come up with the correct cards ~but not working so well. Lucky for her she was sitting by her Dad and he was abble to put her in the right direction. So, as she was waiting her turn and smiling already just because she was playing instead of 'helping' someone else. Than it was her turn again. She looks at her cards and looks hopeful at the stack of cards to draw from. she picks up a card and goes from smile to pure joy. I mean she could not have smiled any bigger. Her face turned red and she was so excited she was crying ~ alligator tears !!! She continued her joyous moment and looked at everyone and was laughing and crying so excited and I do mean SO EXCITED!! We were all laughing with her and enjoying her happiness. What card did she pick-up????? You would think she had won the game. Well, not quite! She put the card down on the disscard pile~ it was a skip card and Kassidy's turn was skipped. Than we really started laughing. Brooklyn was still enjoying the moment and we let her continue too, telling her that was a amazing and all that good stuff.
2 days later I think about it and still smile.
So, what brings happiness?? Silly you , FAMILY !!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Evening Events

September???? Wow, you thought I would have a lot more to say !

I'm not even going to back track the last few months. Except the fact that the new part of our house that we started in November is done YEA!!!!! (Just painting the REST of the house ~ poor Brian )

Sometimes life dishes you strange, unperdictable, and avoidable problems. For example......
There are many reasons why I dont like to take my beautiful children to the store with me. They ask for EVERYTHING and when that doesnt work they start pointing things out they are not going to ask for !? And, they like to wonder off and look at things. (The'll be fine right? NO!) Or, if you are small enough you climb in the bottom of the cart and play on the diry floor with your hands. Yes fun times let me tell ya !!! Anyway, the best is when your cart hits something so it doesn't go smooth. But the sinking feeling when you hear your child give a yell and realize it was his finger......... My stomach still falls just thinking about it. Poor Jordan !!! His whole finger nail was ripped off (well hanging barely on) He let me wash it out and the workers gave me a box (yep a box-spiderman even!) of bandaids a donut and many hugs and kisses later he was laughing again. At home this didn't even really slow him down. (I know 'shocker'). But, the evening is not over yet. After dinner Dallin ran to the sink and was gagging and rinsing his mouth out and making all sorts of noises. So,.....earlier in the day Jordan put a bunch (like 1/3 the bottle) of dish soap in a water bottle. Dallin thought it was just water and one gulp told him otherwise. (Gross !!!) Being the good mom that I try to be I googled to see if I should worry about this or not. Conclusion- his throat will be sore and to drink water to dilute it. Today he is just fine. But, Brian and I had a little laugh watching Dallin at the sink last night cleaning his mouth out WITH soap HAHAH !! (Yes, of course I did feel bad for him but that doesn't change the fact that it was funny!)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Family Pictures

Usually family pictures can be a chore!! But,.... this time was great. The kids ran around while I took others pictures and they were cooperative (for the most part) during family pictures and other group pics. It almost makes me want to do it again. (almost!) But, hey I think they turned out. Minus the fact that I am biased and think my family is beautiful, handsome, cute, darling, lovely,and MINE!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wickedly Devine

WOW!! We have had a busy month!! So, from the looks of the pictures (Which are CUTE !!) We have been celebrating Britney(my cousin)& Kevin's marriage. And Michele (my cousin)& Zach's wedding.Michele tied the not on August 1st and Britney tied the not on August 15th. We of course went to the wedding's than the luncheon/reception afterwards. We had a wonderful time!! It is fun when family gets together. We had family come from California for Britney's wedding we had cousins staying at our house. (Not much sleep going on though!! HEHEHE! Need I mention making funnel cake at midnight! yummy !!)
The next week was busy!! the 1st day of school was Wednesday the 19th. Also, more marriage 'stuff''.Brian and I traveled to California to be there for the Open House in Central California. We delicated our kids out to wonderful people so we could go. We left Thursday morning after getting kids of to school and droping Jordan off at my brothers. Friday was the open house. Do you see the pictures of people doing yard work... That was the morning of the Open house. We raked and planted flowers and raked more (dumb leaves!!) Made wild flower arrangement's for table center peaces. There was cleaning inside and Power washing EVERYTHING outside. (Thank you stud muffin!!) The Open House was wonderful!! Towards the end a few of the teenagers decided that jumping in the pool in there formal attire was the thing to do. I don't have a picture of that but..... you've seen it in movies and its funny in real life also. After the party was opening presents (Bride & Groom) and clean-up. And eating the left overs from the yummy caterers. (Seriously I cant resist somethings-- mainly little yummy deserts, ex. cheesecake, lemon bars, pumpkin cake etc...) So, bed time came and I was more than willing to SLEEP!

Next day .... Among other things going on, I'll get to the point of Saturday. WICKED!!!
We left for San Fransisco about 3pm. Good thing to!! Wicked started at 8pm so we thought we would have time to walk around and 'stuff'. Anyway, we were on the freeway and it took us 1 1/2 hours to go 8 miles. So,... who knew there was a Raiders game in Oakland that day..... Not Me! So, good thing we left early because we arrived just in time. Some of the family that came with us didn't have tickets and were going to try for the raffle tickets (left over single seats that didn't sale). But, we missed it. We were able to get a single seat for my sister Ramona though from someone who had an extra ticket.(Thanks for barging the price Brian.) Wicked was amazing to say the least !!! The story line is so creative and the working in of Dorthy and everything was fabulous!! The songs were amazing and it had plenty of comical points,tender points and a wonderful ending! I cant wait to see it again. ( O yes, I will see it again. I don't know when but I will!!!) I love that I have a hubby who enjoys going to such things as plays and he is wonderful. He also drove the whole way there and back again. He also endured listening to a "Chick-flick" on the way home. So, for all his goodness he was able to go to Depech Mode on Tuesday night. So, I ask him Which performance was better ....... he said (with a little laugh) "Wicked dear".. I love him!!!